Mandate of the Office

Ghana Carbon Market Office (CMO) is the secretariat established to provide administrative and technical services to the general public and support the implementation of the Ghana international carbon market and non-market approaches framework.

CMO was established under Ghana’s carbon market framework and mandated under the EPA Act 490.

The EPA’s Climate Change Unit host the CMO and shall perform the functions assigned to under the framework including implementing the policies, rules, and guidance on transactions, by providing targeted supports for mitigation activity sourcing and matchmaking, activity development services, MRV and accounting, registry operations, creation, and transfer of ITMOs, reporting & corresponding adjustment.

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Ghana has established national arrangements for supporting the implementation of Article 6. The arrangement includes setting up an efficient and accountable institutional setup to support authorisation, MRV requirements and approval procedures. The institutional arrangement has its mandate from the international carbon market and non-market approaches framework.

  • Coordinates Ghana’s NDC and the Government’s Climate Change Agenda.
  • Oversees the implementation of Ghana’s Article 6.2 cooperative approach.
  • Serves as the authorisation entity.
  • Hosts the carbon market office.
  • Implements the technical requirements in this framework consistent with the EPA Act 490.
  • Serves as the transferring entity.
  • Makes High-level and strategic decisions regarding Ghana’s Article 6.2 engagements.
  • Evaluates progress, challenges, and investment opportunities.


  • Develop and approve rules for Article 6.2 activity development and transactions.
  • Approves regular reviews and recommendations from the carbon market advisory committee.
  • Address grievances and appeals.


Provide technical support to the CMC and CMO on authorisation, approved methodologies, validation and verification entities, and issuances of mitigation outcomes

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