Call for enrolment onto the national roster of experts to participate in validation and verification services to carbon market project developers in Ghana

  1. In September 2022, Cabinet approved Ghana’s intentional carbon market framework to set out the policy and regulatory regime for developing carbon market projects in Ghana.
  2. Third-party validation and verification of carbon market projects is the tool for safeguarding the environmental integrity of the carbon assets and achieving overall cost-effective global mitigation outcomes.
  3. Schedule 9 of the Ghana carbon market framework establishes the procedures for recognising internationally accredited third-party validators and verifiers who are allowed to offer services to potential project developers.
  4. Section 3.9.4 of Schedule 9 also requires the listed internationally accredited third-party entities eligible to provide validation and verification in Ghana to appoint a national expert (s) to be part of their assessment to meet the local content requirement and facilitate capacity development of the national experts.
  5. In this regard, the Carbon Market Office (CMO) shall compile, publish, and regularly update a Roster of Experts (ROE) made up of national experts from which the recognised accredited third-party entity can independently appoint the national expert to participate in validation, stakeholder engagement and verification as may be applicable.
  6. In fulfilment of section 3.9.5 of the Ghana international carbon market framework, the carbon market office at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is compiling the roster of experts and has opened the call to national experts to submit interest to onboarding on the ROE.
  7. All interested experts who wish to enrol on the ROE should submit their CVs highlighting your relevant technical expertise and experiences for the carbon market projects and an active email/phone number for reaching you.
  8. Please send your expression of interest to join the ROE and CVs via the email before 28th April 2023. Do not hesitate to contact the CMO via the same channels if you have any concerns or questions.
  9. Note that submitting your expression of interest and CV to be on the ROE does not amount to or guarantee a job offer.